Gotcha Possum Control

Possum Pest Control in Melbourne: When Do You Need It?

Possums are pests that can cause a lot of damage to a vegetable garden, pet food, or even your unsupervised garbage bins. These creatures are particularly troublesome, and they would have no trouble turning your backyard into a mess in one night.  Possums are not clean animals, whether they live in your garage or inside […]

4 Tips to Keep Possums and Raccoons Away from Your Trash

Do you often find your trash can tipped with remnants of everything you discarded? Have raccoons and possums ransacked them in your area? It’s hard to miss these nocturnals, and they do have a good time at night. Chances are, you’re here because you’re tired of seeing this every morning. So, what can you do? […]

Understanding the Differences between Rat and Possum

A perceptible noise on a home’s roof is one indicator that alerts homeowners to the presence of rodents and other pests as unwelcome visitors. Typically, these pests can be rats, mice, or possums. Possums and rats often leave behind apparent indications of their presence when they invade a house. Apart from the noise, additional signs […]

Pest Control: How to Control the Possum Neighbourhood

In the pilot episode of the 1970 sitcom Benson, the main character had to save beavers from being ousted from the state. In his monologue, he agreed that beavers pose problems to communities because they flood streets. Melbourne residents have the same concerns about the possum population. Human ingenuity now allows us to create effective possum […]

Four Cool Facts That You Should Know about the Possum

Australia has some of the most unique and exciting wildlife! From the iconic kangaroo to the adorable koala, there are so many amazing animals to discover Down Under. However, not all Australian wildlife are cuddly because possums have had a problem lately. Their population has exploded, and they are wreaking havoc on the environment. The […]