Gotcha Possum Control

In the pilot episode of the 1970 sitcom Benson, the main character had to save beavers from being ousted from the state. In his monologue, he agreed that beavers pose problems to communities because they flood streets. Melbourne residents have the same concerns about the possum population.

Human ingenuity now allows us to create effective possum control without harming them. There are several methods of control: trapping, baiting, and other humane methods. 

Possums might be cute and huggable, but they are a menace to society. If you have problems with possum control, you should read this article carefully. It might solve your concerns.  

Quick Reminder

We often associate the noises on our roof with a possum invasion. However, it does not necessarily follow. With that said, it may be prudent to determine if they are intruders.

Kindly remember that they have a vital role in the ecosystem. With that said, you must carry out humane possum control. You need to manage their population. It does not mean that you have to eradicate them.

You also need to note the following:

  • The cage should be the one that will trap them.
  • You need to release them in a place far from direct sunlight, wind, rain and other dangers.
  • You also need to release them on the day they were captured. Please take note that you should free them after sunset.
  • It would be prudent to ask a professional to do the possum control.

Preventive Measures

As you might be aware, possums are nocturnal creatures. They are mainly active at night.  In this case, you should take several precautions to prevent them from entering your house. For example:

  • Keep your garden tidy. The less foliage there is, the fewer hiding places for the possum.
  • Install a cover over your chimneys. 
  • Repair your roofs. Possum control is not something you want to deal with. With that said, you need to inspect your roof. If there are holes, you need to seal them. 
  • If there are gaps near your doors and windows, you should caulk them. 
  • Follow the droppings to identify the location of the main entrance.

Ways on How to Get Them to Leave

If you are unsure how to do possum control effectively, you may want to block their entrances. Doing this will prevent them from getting inside your home because one of the reasons for their intrusion is to hide their food.

The fact is that most possums will avoid a house that is kept clean. They would find a place where they could hide their food. With this said, you should remove all possible food and water sources. Possums will not stay in your house if they see no food or water.


Possums need to be controlled. Indeed, there are several methods of getting them to leave your property. However, you should use humane methods.

As you may have observed, there are effective methods of possum control. You need to carry out humane possum control by removing all food sources. You also need to prevent them from entering your home. With this said, you need to inspect your roof and remember to caulk all possible entry points.  

If you are unsuccessful with your ways of getting rid of your home invaders humanely, you should contact Gotcha Possum Control. We provide possum control for Melbourne residents. So, contact us now for more information!