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We put humane treatment of animals first.​

Whilst only being established in 2021 our team are made up of seasoned & experienced possum removal experts, which make every effort to ensure your possum resident is removed with least amount of stress as possible.

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Having vermin in your home can cause many problems for you and your family, which is why you should keep our number close for rat removal in Melbourne. We work fast to assist your home with humane removal of any possums, rats, or mice. Choose Gotcha Possum Control for reliable removal of unwanted guests on your property.

While there are some obvious signs that you should call us for mouse removal in Melbourne, there are also some signs you might overlook. Understanding where and how the vermin in your home operate and how they behave can help you identify when it’s time to have our professionals investigate. Consider the following common signs that you need help with the pests in your home:

  • If you see rodent droppings around your home, you should consider giving us a call to help you with mice removal. While it could simply be a one-time event before the rodent leaves, it is doubtful that they haven’t settled somewhere in your home. You will most likely find dropping close to your foods, under sinks, in drawers, or in hidden areas where they run around. Dark, moist droppings indicate fresh droppings, while a grey colour indicates old droppings.

  • A sign that ranges from being subtle to obvious is gnaw marks. While you can judge whether the nibble marks are new based on a lighter colour, you might also not see it at all but rather hear the vermin gnawing in certain parts of the home. Gnaw marks differ in size between rats and mice, with rats leaving behind much larger marks and mice leaving behind much smaller marks.

  • You notice a foul odour in certain parts of your home. When rodents have recently entered a home or new structure, they tend to urinate as a marking of territory or to establish ‘signs’ for their routes. Another sign of a strong vermin odour is if your pets get overly excited around specific parts of the home and claw or sniff under your furniture or appliances. Since cats and dogs are much more likely to notice the scent, paying attention to their movements and actions can help you identify that you need mice control in Melbourne before it gets out of hand.

  • A more subtle sign would be the runways that rats or mice leave behind. Once they have established their presence and start to settle in, they will use the same runways as much as possible. These runways will often have some droppings on them and will smell of their urine. A straightforward way to test if you have indeed found a runway is to put some flour or baby powder on the suspected area and check back for their footprints later.

  • While rodents tend to hide their nests, you will undoubtedly know when you find one. A rodent nest might seem at first glance like a pile of rubbish, but that is simply because they like to use shredded paper, old fabrics, or even dried plant matter to make their nests. While you could stumble upon empty nests that indicate the rodents might have left, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, as well as the nests, you still have an infestation.

  • If you hear scratching in your home at night, you might have a rodent problem. Since mice and rats are nocturnal, they tend to run around at night, scratching and skittering around your home. Depending on where they are, you can hear the scratching in your roof, under your floorboards, in cupboards, or even in the walls. Make sure you keep an ear out for them and call us if you’re sure they’re present.

If you have any questions regarding signs of infestation, please give us a call to provide answers. We can also explain our services and help you choose the best option for the removal of rodents from your property.

Once we’ve helped you with our services for rodent removal in Melbourne, there are a few ways to decrease the odds of other rodents moving in. Consider the following tips on how to keep your home rodent-free:


  • Take a stroll around your home and check for any holes, cracks, and gaps in your walls. Rats and mice can slip into tiny holes and will quickly choose the comfort of your home over the harsh conditions outside. If you notice any holes, we recommend calling someone to help you patch them with suitable materials. Filling any possible entrances can help you get rid of rats even before they move in.

  • Don’t give them a source of food. Rodents are capable scavengers and will find their way into your trash cans, drawers, and cupboards with ease. Make sure you cover your trash cans at all times and pick any produce you might have growing on your property as soon as possible. Once rodents realise that they have ready access to food somewhere, they will have no problem moving in.

  • Don’t give them places to build a nest in around your home. Make sure you remove any debris, old scrap, wood piles, or other clutter that the rodents could use as a nest. If you must store these items around your home, try to keep them in elevated spaces that make it harder for the rodents to reach. You should also remove any heavy vegetation as rodents love to hide in it.

  • If you have any trees that grow over your roof or other parts of your property, try to trim them so that the rodents can’t use its branches to access your home. As we’ve mentioned, rodents are incredibly resourceful and can easily bridge a small gap if it means they get access to your roof. We advise you to ensure you deter them and remove any tree limbs that could give them easy access.

  • You can always set up harmless traps around your property to catch them before they settle in. It might not be possible to prevent rodents from ever coming onto your property, but you can at least catch them before they settle in. If you use harmless traps, make sure to contact us regarding the relocation of the captured rodents.

About Us and Our Services

We have years of experience helping people with rat and mouse control in Melbourne and will never settle on rat extermination as the solution. We work carefully to deploy harmless methods of catching and relocating the rodents in your home. Ultimately, these rodents want a comfortable place to stay and don’t mean any harm. Helping them relocate is the best thing we can do for them, which is why we ask that you work with us to make it happen.

If you notice any signs of rodents in your home, give us a call, and we will be there quickly to assist you with proper mouse removal.