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Possum boxes help to protect possums from cats & dogs whilst also giving them a home in your local area

Nesting Possum Box

Are you looking for a way to help wildlife and protect possums?

What is a Possum Box?

Possum boxes are routinely installed in native trees through Melbourne & Victoria to create additional nesting options for all kinds of possums. Possum boxes provide protection from predation of cats, dogs & owls at times when their natural habitat is removed or severely degraded. Possum boxes help to maintain possum populations by providing additional nesting sites and protection from predators.

By installing possum boxes, you can help to ensure that these important members of the ecosystem are able to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All the possum boxes can be installed by our professional team.

Yes, all possum boxes are made locally by Gotcha Possum Control from locally sourced material.

Our possum boxes can be delivered and installed to suit your needs. 

Give us a call and we can provide you with an exact quotation and time to install your possum box.

Our possum boxes are best suitable for Brushtail & Ringtail possums. They can also be used by all types of possums! 


Box Size: (H)470mm x (W)300mm x (D)270mm

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