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Are you hearing noises in your roof?

It's highly likely you have a possum, rat or mouse issue.

Did you know, if left untouched this could lead to water, electrical or insulation damage potentially costing you a lot of money.

Gotcha Possum Control, based in Melbourne South East and serving all of Melbourne all the way through to Warragul & surrounds, the friendly professionals that will solve your issues fast and with a 12 month warranty.

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Possum Removal Melbourne

Non Toxic Rat & Mice Control

Are you concerned about potentially harmful poisons?

Gotcha has the solution for you.

Typical rat & mice control involve the use of toxic poisons that if ingested can also harm pets & people. Gotcha Possum Removal uses effective non-toxic & environmentally friendly methods of rat & mice removal.  



Trust Us for Possum Eviction Near Melbourne


Although they may appear cute and harmless, possums can create havoc if you allow them to move into your property. Throughout Australia, the brushtail possum is a common visitor to homes, but they have a reputation for damaging forests, fruit plantations, and flowers. If they manage to work their way into your garden, you’ll soon find them munching on your vegetation and decorative plants. They’re proper omnivores, though and will feed on frogs, snakes, and birds, to mention a few. Even though they’re quite a headache, the Australian government has put measures in place to protect them from extinction. Regardless of the threat to their existence, possums have adapted to humans and our properties. For this reason, you require professional possum relocation near Melbourne. Gotcha Possum Control is a reputable company offering an efficient possum removal service.

Signs You Require Possum Removal Near Melbourne

If you have a possum infestation, it should be fairly apparent. Possums follow a nocturnal lifestyle and are more visible during the night. They will munch on anything edible they can find or even the not-so-edible items such as electrical wiring. However, if you’re struggling to identify what you’re working with, perhaps these signs can help you decide on possum relocation.

  • Possums generally enter properties from areas such as the balcony or overhanging eaves. There could be evidence of their entry through torn up shingles or ripped components on your roof. If you suspect an infestation, this should be the first place to look, as any present damage may require a team of professionals to get rid of possums near Melbourne.
  • If you have pets on the property, keep an eye on their food. Possums have an attraction to cat food in particular, and if you own a cat, you may notice their food disappears quicker than usual. Inspect other areas around the property for traces of cat food, as this indicates that possums have been eating at your pets’ dinner table. It’s common for cats and possums to get into fights, so check your pet for unexplained cuts or bruising. To avoid further confrontations, it’s best to recruit a company to relocate the possums.
  • Possums can make a wide range of vocalisations, such as hissing and screeching. The maternal leaders may make a lip-smacking or clicking sound to call their babies. Since they love food, you may hear some rummaging through the trash late at night. If these sounds are a common occurrence, you likely have a possum infestation.
  • In addition to the noises possums intentionally make, they often offer signs through scratching, scuttling, or ripping. It may sound similar to what rats do but slightly louder. Furthermore, you may notice their scratching sounds in more common areas instead of other rodents that gravitate towards the dark corners of a room. These sounds are an indicator that you need to get rid of a possum urgently.
  • A distinct sign that you have a possum sharing your living space is a wretched smell. These animals defecate more frequently than other animals, and the size of the droppings are usually larger than that of a cat. The problem with this is that it soaks into the building materials and insulation, which causes a nasty odour. Sometimes, possums end up trapping themselves on wiring or other elements where they die, sadly. The smell of decay would be unmistakable and require proper removal of the possum.
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Benefits of Hiring a Possum Pest Control Near Melbourne


Wherever you’re from in Melbourne, you will likely have an encounter with an animal. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of finding a possum of a group of them on your property, there are several ways to address the infestation. We recommend collaborating with a reputable possum pest control service for humane possum removal. These are the benefits you enjoy when you hand the responsibility over to a professional.Pest 

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  • The entire removal process is humane with a competent team. Instead of taking matters into your own hands and risking injuring or killing the animal, it’s best to allow people with experience and the appropriate equipment to remove the possum. As a novice, it’s more likely that you will hurt these creatures, whereas our humane traps allow us to remove them and release them in a space that’s suitable for them.
  • Attempting to remove the possum from your home may take a while. If you don’t possess the necessary skills, the animal could escape you for days, weeks, or even months. However, a proper animal control company can locate the possum quickly and remove it from your property. Opting for this solution is a time saving and convenient one.
  • Animals are pretty intelligent and will find a way to enter your home. Whether climbing the exterior and entering through the roof or finding the tiniest crevice, they will discover an entry point. Relying on the knowledge of a professional can help you seal off your home to the possibility of a pest infestation. They can provide information about the common access points and make recommendations for preventing access to possums.
  • Having a competent company fetch a possum in roof removal provides you and the occupants of the home peace of mind. An infestation isn’t easy to deal with, especially when you have children around the home. It can be scary hearing scratching noises late at night when you’re trying to sleep. The worst part is turning the lights on to discover they’ve taken over your property. However, when you rely on good service, you can rest easy knowing that the possums are in a place where they belong.

Why Trust Us for Possum Control Near Melbourne

At Gotcha Possum Control, we take our work seriously and offer a comprehensive, professional service. When catching possums or other pests, for that matter, we employ humane techniques while leaving out cages, baits or stress. Our equipment uses a one-way exit method that allows the possums out but prevents them from re-entering.

One of the core principles of our operation is providing exceptional customer service, and we do this by ensuring we are quick in response to your requirements. Our services are eco-friendly in terms of rat and mouse control, and we can generally solve your possum problem within a day, regardless of the size of your home.

Additionally, the quality of our work speaks for itself, but we offer a 12-month Warranty for possum and a 6-month warranty for rat problem won’t reappear during this period. Contact us to discuss your possum removal needs today.

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