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Do you often find your trash can tipped with remnants of everything you discarded? Have raccoons and possums ransacked them in your area? It’s hard to miss these nocturnals, and they do have a good time at night. Chances are, you’re here because you’re tired of seeing this every morning. So, what can you do?

1. Keep Your Trash Contained

Sometimes, raccoons and possums are just rambunctious and will do what they do because they can. It’s best to keep your trash can as far from the ground as possible. Don’t place it at a lower height because they don’t need much effort to access it. Also, they could be aiming for your neighbours’ trash, so it’s best to keep your garbage bin higher than theirs.

One way to keep raccoons and other pests out of your trash can is to ensure that you keep your trash can sealed with a trash can lid. This will keep these animals out of your trash can.

Installing a thick, durable lid will also help prevent small rodents from accessing your trash. It would be better to keep the lid locked whenever you’re not home. Of course, this won’t be necessary if you have a dog.

2. Invest in a Metal Trash Can with a Locking Mechanism

If you’re tired of your trash can tipping over, you can opt for a trash can with a locking mechanism. It’s a bit more expensive than the other trash cans, but it’s definitely worth it. This will keep raccoons and other pests at bay.

You can also lock your trash can with a bungee cord. As soon as you’re done disposing of trash, secure your lid with a bungee cord, and it will tip over when the rat or raccoon tries to pull the lid off.

3. Find Level Ground

Placing your trash can on level ground is another way to prevent raccoons and possums from tipping it over. You may want to provide a fence for the trash can so that raccoons and other pests won’t be able to reach it. Your trash can fence should be at least 6 feet 2 inches high.

Alternatively, you can install a fence made of chain link or welded wire. This will also help protect your trash can from theft and vandalism.

4. Have a Motion Light

Raccoons and possums are nocturnal animals and love to play on your trash can at night. Having a motion light installed helps a lot. You can also use a motion sensor on your porch light, which will help keep these animals away.

You can also have a motion sensor that will activate an alarm when it senses motion, which will surely scare these nocturnal animals away. If you invest in a motion sensor, you won’t have to worry about raccoons or possums reaching your trash can.

The Bottom Line

Are you tired of seeing your trash can tipped over with remnants of everything you threw away? Don’t you just want to get rid of these pests once and for all? You can do so by following the tips above. These simple tips can help keep raccoons and possums away from your trash can.

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