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Possums are pests that can cause a lot of damage to a vegetable garden, pet food, or even your unsupervised garbage bins. These creatures are particularly troublesome, and they would have no trouble turning your backyard into a mess in one night. 

Possums are not clean animals, whether they live in your garage or inside your house. They often leave a mess everywhere they go, including nasty droppings. Those droppings could spread diseases and damage the health of pets who come into contact with them. Possums also tend to stick around until they find a home to raise their young inside. 

You usually only see them in your yard at night, looking for things to eat or drink. If a female is trapped in your house without any way to escape, it may give birth to more possums.

How do these critters get into your house anyway? They can climb through any open space, like a window or a hole in the roof, and they have no problem getting into almost every part of your house. Once they’re inside, they can do a lot of damage. Knowing what to find will help prevent possum infestations and signal you when to call possum pest control in Melbourne:


Possums can enter your home through chimneys because the structure includes a long tunnel through the roof that leads inside. A female possum can easily nest there and give birth to a litter of babies without anyone knowing it. Clean your chimney regularly to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Eerily Empty Pet Bowls

These marsupials are opportunistic eaters. If you leave pet food bowls outside, a hungry possum may think it found a free meal. Thus, if your pet bowls seem to empty faster than usual and your furry friend seems hungrier or moodier, you may want to contact possum pest control.

Other Home Exteriors

Possums often enter houses by climbing outside walls, so you’ll most likely notice exterior damage to your home. Homeowners can commonly find this damage not just on the roof of their houses but also on vents or sidings.

Pet Doors

Possums usually enter your house through your pet door; there is a higher likelihood of this happening if you place food near your pet door. You can lessen the possibility of possums entering your house through your pet door by either removing the pet door altogether or securing it with a screen during the evening hours.

Roofs and Attics

Possums are great climbers and will try to find a way into your home, especially if the scent of food draws them. Usually, they climb up the roof or through an attic vent. If you have an attic near trees, or if your home uses leaves in compost bins outside, then it is more likely that these marsupials can gain access to your house through the roof or attic. 

To prevent possum infestation in your attic, you must check for damaged shingles or vents to ensure that possums can’t get inside.

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